What to buy a new Mum?

New Mum Gift Set

Pondering what makes a great gift for a new Mum? Read on for some tried and tested tips…!

Selecting gifts for a new Mum or Mum to be can take a bit of thought. There are so many emotions to convey - pride, joy, celebration. Whether you are there in person or not, your gift is your opportunity to care for the new Mum, allow her to be seen and encourage her with some self care, while expressing heartfelt congratulations and excitement for the arrival of the baby.

The arrival of a new baby is often synonymous with gifts that generally take the form of multiple bunches of flowers and some cute babygrows. Flowers are beautiful - but they need caring for, there's usually only so many vases available (!) and they don't last long. Babygrows are essential, but they are often the thing that the new parents have stocked up on, and are also something that are grown out of in a flash.

We have put a lot of thought into what makes a thoughtful gift for new Mums and a gorgeous present for a newborn. In fact, one of the seeds that planted the ideas that eventually blossomed into Sand and Sparkle was when I was sent a new Mum gift set following the birth of my baby in Australia. Among all the gorgeous baby grows and beautiful flowers, to receive a thoughtful gift box that included a selection of special items for me as well as something very cute and practical for the baby was memorable and touching - a real stand out.

So here's a few of our reflections on what we think is important ...

Include a thoughtful gift for the new Mum

Yes, it is lovely browsing those absolutely gorgeous newborn baby presents, but everyone is going to shower the baby with gifts. A gift for the new parent/s to nurture them and celebrate with them is really touching.

Healthy, ready made meals (whether you made or bought them), food to stock the fridge with, and help cleaning are all commonly cited as much appreciated thoughtful and practical gifts and ways to support new parents. Anything to ease the load and nourish the new Mum who is likely to be depleted in many ways (sleep, energy, physically). 

Beyond this, we focus on gifts that encourage a little self care and time out. Bath salts, candles, eye masks and relaxing aromatherapy sleep oils that can be rolled onto the wrists to promote restful sleep (even in short bursts!) are some of the thoughtful items that we have included in out new Mum and Mum to be gift sets. Look for natural products that are safe for Mum and baby. 


Sand and Sparkle New Mum Gift Set
New Mums can get very hungry (especially if they're breastfeeding, but also just for lack of time to prepare food), and we always like to include a luxury chocolate bar in our new Mum gift boxes (yes, not the healthiest snack! But everyone needs a treat :) )



Selecting a present for a newborn baby

Our New Mum Gift Sets include a present for the new Mum and a newborn baby gift, saving you from shopping separately and presenting these together in a thoughtful gift box, ready to send straight to them. 

Some considerations when shopping for a newborn baby present are size (don't buy the smallest size, the baby may skip newborn size altogether, and these small sizes are often what the parents have stocked up). Also looking for natural materials and natural products that are healthy for baby and for the planet! 

In our new baby gift sets, we have selected a beautiful, supersoft merino baby hat, handmade in Cornwall and perfect for keeping baby warm during the cooler months.

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