Six key considerations to get the most out of your corporate gifting

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The decisions that you make in relation to your corporate gifts - whether you are purchasing client gifts or employee gifts - can say a lot about your business, your values, and your relationship with your clients, employees and community. 

While it only takes a simple gesture to have a big impact when it comes to corporate gifts, by making considered choices you can reinforce you brand values in a powerful way while nurturing positive relationships.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the most out of your corporate gifting - read on for five key considerations that will help you make a real impact when it comes to the gifts you select for clients and employees.

Be clear on your goals

The first step is to have a clear understanding of your corporate gifting goals. Is it to welcome a new client or employee, in which case it’s all about making a great first impression and introducing them to your business? Is it to express gratitude so that a client or employee knows that they are valued and appreciated? Is it to share congratulations, or condolences?

This will set the tone for your gifts, for example own-branded gifts are fantastic (more on this later) in many instances, but not so much if you are congratulating a newly married team member or sending a care package.

What are your brand values?

What are your business’s key brand values? Your corporate gifting is an opportunity for these to shine through! An opportunity to bring words to life through action, demonstrating your values put into practice and making a memorable impression.

For example, is your business ethos centred around sustainability and operating in environmentally friendly ways? This is a great opportunity to share environmentally friendly corporate gifts that reflect these values. There are many great options for sustainable corporate gifts - choose local, sustainable, small businesses when selecting your gifts and do your best to avoid plastic packaging. Many local, small and artisanal businesses include information about their environmental credentials on their websites so you can make sure you select suppliers that align with your values. All products available in our gift boxes and hampers are sourced from local, artisan, sustainable businesses that are committed to quality products and eco-friendly, ethical business practices. 

Perhaps your brand values centre around a commitment to healthy, happy people? In which case considering corporate gifts that promote health and wellbeing are a great opportunity to live and breathe your values. Gift sets that promote relaxation and wellbeing such as those in our Pamper Gift Sets collection are great options, or a bespoke corporate gift hamper tailored perfectly to your needs. 

Showcase your unique selling point!

What is it that is unique about your business? Can this be reflected in your gifts?

This is likely to align to your brand values. Perhaps what is different about your business is its strong connection to local community, are you seen (or want to be seen!) as a go-to or a pillar within your local community, or perhaps you are deeply inspired by and committed to your community or region?

If so, consider gifting options that showcase this, sourcing from local suppliers that are aligned with your values. Unique products from local, small businesses will make a statement that a more generic gift from a big store may not. 

Perhaps your unique selling point is your personal approach and you pride yourselves on offering a very individualised service based on the close relationships that you have with your clients or customers? If so, consider tailored gifts, tweaked depending on the recipient with a personal note included. As an example, all of our bespoke corporate gift boxes and hampers can be tailored individually and we can include hand written messages on a card and send this straight to their door. 

Know your recipient

As always, the key to successful, thoughtful gifting is to put yourself into the shoes of those that you are buying for. Are your clients coming to the end (or entering!) a very busy period? Perhaps a relaxation gift that will help them take some time out (such as those listed in our Pamper Gift Sets collection). Are you congratulating clients on completion of a house purchase or at the conclusion of a particular event? Something celebratory (we love Luscombe’s Sparkling Wild Elderflower bubbly and include this as an option in all of our hampers!) 

Is your business particularly focused on women, for example supporting women in business? Make sure to buy your gifts from female-owned small businesses.

Is your gift likely to be shared (e.g. gifting to a team)? Then select items such as sweet treats, boxes of chocolates or baked goods that can be easily shared and enjoyed by all. 

Showing that your gift is considered will amplify your impact hugely and create that lasting impression that you’re after. 

Keep it appropriate and proportionate

Making a big impression doesn’t necessarily mean sharing a humungous gift. You want to achieve your goal and leave your recipient feeling valued, appreciated and seen without leaving them feeling awkward. Don’t over do it - simple and thoughtful will go a lot further than an OTT gesture that may leave them feeling like they owe you something in return or are not quite sure how to accept it. 

Don't miss an opportunity to boost your brand!

Corporate gifting can be a great opportunity to boost your branding with own-branded products. There’s a wide range of products that you can get own-branded, from key rings to crystal vases and beyond. In our corporate gift boxes and hampers we offer the opportunity for own-branded bamboo and stainless steel reusable coffee cups and flasks or artisan chocolate bars. We can also co-brand cards. If this is of interest, please get in touch and ask us about minimum order quantities and we can share more information and prices. It can be hard to go past an own-branded, luxurious reusable cup paired with some local tea or artisan coffee - simple, thoughtful and sustainable corporate gifts with wide appeal!

Other considerations

While alcohol can be popular in the world of corporate gifting and of course can be very well received in many instances, we would recommend putting thought into the appropriateness for your business. People have different relationships with alcohol and there are many alternatives to add some sparkle and luxurious treats to your corporate gift hampers!

Another consideration is whether your corporate gifts are required for a one off (such as an event or a bulk gift giving at the end of the year or similar) or whether it is ad hoc as required. If the latter, shelf life of items included should be considered to make it easy for you to have a stockpile of gifts ready to go. 


If you would like to discuss ideas for corporate gift hampers that are bespoke to meet your needs a budget - whether you are looking for a one off special gift or a bulk order, a simple thoughtful gesture or a luxurious and high end gift hamper - we would love to discuss with you. Please get in touch here or email us at 

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