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Holiday Home Welcome Packs - Our Guide

Do you own or manage a holiday let? Then you know that it's the little touches that can have a big impact. And none more so than that first impression - the welcome hamper!

As seasoned holiday let visitors as well as welcome pack specialists, we have a few ideas that we hope will help if you're mulling over how to create that all important memorable first impression!

Locally-sourced Products

Up first is the importance of locally-sourced products. If you want to make a really impactful first impression that immediately helps your guests get into the spirit of whatever magical place they are visiting, local is a must! Yes, we've been very grateful to receive delicious treats from large chain stores when checking in to a new holiday let. But if you want to elevate your welcome game (without spending more!), go local - you can really feel the thought that has gone in to creating a tailored welcome for you when you're presented with a hamper full of local products! What's more, you're supporting local businesses in your region and your local economy and community.

What products to include?

The beauty of welcome hampers is that it really is the thought that counts - you don't have to be hugely extravagant to create a memorable first impression. It's the thoughtfulness that shines through and makes your guests feel special and valued.

However a good rule of thumb is to consider the practical and thoughtful items that your guests might be missing from their own pantry, while also throwing in a treat or luxury item. Tea and coffee are the obvious ones, along with condiments and if you are wanting to include fresh items then bread. A favourite of ours to include in some of our luxury welcome hampers is a delicious, locally bottled olive oil (something that is often missed from home when arriving and setting out to cook or dress a salad at a holiday let!) Treats like local biscuits or chocolate are a lovely addition that are generally warmly appreciated! 

Information on local attractions and services are a thoughtful and practical touch to ensure your guests are set to make the most of their stay.

What not to include?

We don't include alcohol in our welcome hampers. Licensing issues may require both the holiday let and yourselves to be licensed (even when providing alcohol as a gift). We're also conscious that people have different relationships with alcohol and for some it could be a triggering gift to receive.


Ensure that all products in your hamper are labelled with the ingredients and as per local requirements.

Fresh items

We choose not to offer fresh items such as bread and scones in our welcome hampers as a general rule of thumb, however many do and it can be lovely to receive. We find that many people don't actually eat these items and it leads to food waste due to the short shelf life. We also find that avoiding these items makes our hampers much easier for our customers and their housekeepers to manage - especially when bookings can be unpredictable. Hampers can be stocked in advance ready for surprise bookings and the logistics are easier while the impact and thoughtfulness remains just as high!

Maximising impact!

Presentation is everything! You may supply tea and coffee at your holiday let - but consider replacing this with a beautiful, locally-sourced tea and coffee and present it in your welcome hamper and it will go a lot further in terms of the impression left than having a generic (probably similarly priced) brand stashed away near the kettle.

Likewise with personal items such as soap - you may prefer to make this available in the bathroom, but having a gorgeous, local soap, beautifully displayed in your welcome hamper, creates more of a gift experience for your guests, maximising impact.

Reflecting your values

All of our welcome hampers are eco friendly - we partner with local, eco-minded businesses and strive for products that are free of single use plastic as far as we can. This is something that many of our clients value as they similarly value sustainability and are keen for welcome baskets that reflect this ethos. The gifts that you provide are an opportunity to highlight your brand values to your guests - such as with local, sustainable, artisan products.

Bespoke Welcome Hampers to suit your need and budget

All of our welcome hampers are created bespoke to suit your needs and budget. We partner with a wide range of wonderful suppliers based in Devon, Cornwall and the West Country and provide locally-sourced hampers. We are also ways happy to source new products in to suit your needs and help you create the perfect, tailored welcome for your guests.


Sustainability is central to our ethos and we strive for single use plastic-free.

A practical solution

We generally steer clear of short shelf life products (such as scones a breads) in our welcome hampers. This helps to avoid food waste (where guests may not eat these products and they are subsequently wasted) while making it easy for you to manage hampers (particularly when bookings may be slightly unreliable, or you want a few spare ready to go!). 

We'd love to hear from you - please get in touch and let us know about your needs and we'd be delighted to explore options to suit!



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