Why shop from small businesses?

Why shop from small businesses? - Sand and Sparkle Gift Boxes

There are many benefits to shopping from small, independent and local businesses for both the consumer and your broader community - it's win-win! We've explored just some of them below.


High on sustainability commitments, low on carbon footprint

Small and independent businesses are increasingly committed to eco-friendly practices as part of their business ethos.They often also have a lower carbon footprint, sourcing products from other local businesses.


Supports your local economy

Shopping from small and local businesses is an investment in your local community and economy. The 'multiplier effect' (as one local business buys from and supports other local businesses) further increases your positive local impact.


Ethical shopping made easier

Shopping for ethical and cruelty-free products is often easier with small and independent businesses with greater transparency associated with locally sourced or hand-crafted goods. Many small and local businesses give back to local and charitable causes too!


Enjoy unique and diverse products

Small and independent businesses are a great place to turn for a wide range of unique or customisable products. If you love something a bit different then look to small businesses!


Unparalleled customer service

Small businesses generally value and are grateful for every single customer! They want every customer to be happy, to recommend them to others and to return. So they will go to lengths to offer top quality products and super responsive customer service!


Values aligned to yours

More and more of us are seeking to use our spend and influence to support those with values that are aligned to our own. Many small businesses are very values-driven and open in sharing these and it is easy to identify those which align with your own.

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