Why use natural skincare products?

Why use natural skincare products? - Sand and Sparkle Gift Boxes

Our gift boxes only contain carefully selected skincare products that are made with high quality, all-natural products. This is something that I am passionate about (I used to make my own skincare products!) and aligns with our ethos of sharing only the best products that make beautiful gifts and that are kind to the planet. But why do we believe natural skincare products to be so important?

Skincare products can be absorbed into our bodies

Our skin is highly absorbent and what you put on your skin can be absorbed into your body. Mainstream skincare products commonly contain controversial synthetic chemicals and toxins  - these can irritate your skin and there are many concerning studies showing the effect these can have on your health and wellbeing.


Kind to your body - and to the environment 

Harmful, synthetic ingredients in conventional skincare can also negatively impact the environment. Chemicals are released into the air and waterways during the production process and through our personal use. 


Natural products are extremely effective

We find hand-crafted, natural products to be highly effective. Plant-based ingredients can be extremely powerful and we believe that you can't beat luxurious artisan products expertly crafted with high concentrations of wonderful ingredients! 


Better value!

Hand-crafted products made with high quality all-natural ingredients can cost a little more than your run of the mill supermarket brands, but in terms of value you get a lot more bang for your buck! The concentration of beneficial natural ingredients means that smaller amounts are needed to get the desired results, meaning that your product will last much longer and save you money over time :) 

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