Circular & Co ‘Circular NOW cup’

Well this is pretty clever! A reusable coffee cup made from recycled singular use paper cups (how cool is that!) - what a great eco-friendly gift. Designed for a five year lifespan and fully recyclable at the end of it. 

With a snap on lid, this innovative cup is insulated and BPA and melamine free.

Cornwall's Circular & Co is on a mission to support a more sustainable and waste-free future, using waste materials to create new products that are fully recyclable - reducing consumption of precious resources, reducing CO2 emissions and reducing pollution. 

We love their mission and we love their cups. Super lightweight and great for when you're out and about, camping, at the beach - anywhere. 

Find the Circular NOW Cup in our Outdoors Fun Gift Box (or by request in any custom order)


Sand and Sparkles Outdoors Fun Gift Box