Exmoor Tea 'Moorish Mint'

We love Exmoor Tea for their ethical and sustainable practices as much as we do for their delicious tea blends. 

Exmoor Tea is careful to source tea from ethical estates and packs it in plastic free packaging with compostable pyramids. 

The unique Moorish Mint blend is not your ordinary mint tea - this tasty and refreshing brew includes peppermint, spearmint, fennel and rich, indulgent cocoa shell offering a hint of chocolate. Take it from us, this tea is pretty special! According to Exmoor Tea, cocoa shell is historically a by product of chocolate production but is rich in mood boosting properties and high in antioxidants. Pretty special! And the perfect addition for many of our West Country gift hampers including the below. 

Find it in ...

You can find this lovely tea in a range of our gift boxes

Sand and Sparkles Gift Box with Exmoor Tea Moorish Mint Blend