Soap Daze Votive Candles

A favourite in Relaxation Gift Boxes and many others - it's no surprise that Soap Daze's votive candles deliver that perfect piece of peace, calm, wellbeing and pampering.

Handmade in Devon with a blend of coconut, rapeseed and soy wax, these all natural, vegan candles are only scented with essential oils. 

There is something so special about candles and they make lovely gifts, the perfect addition to a relaxation gift box or pamper hamper to remind you to take that bit of time out, to slow down, reflect, relax. 

These candles will burn for approximately 20 hours. At the end of their life you will have a small glass jar that can be emptied out and reused. 

Find them in ...

Find these candles in a range of our gift boxes including our relaxation gift boxes or request in your custom gift box. 

Sand and Sparkles Relax and Unwind Gift Box with Soapdaze candle