Westcountry Tea Co Chamomile 'Time Out' Tea

A gift box and hamper favourite - we are partial to a beautiful tasting and eco-friendly tea, which is why we’ve added the award-wining Westcountry’s Chamomile 'Time Out' Tea bags to our gift boxes!

This is a popular herbal infusion that’s said to offer an impressive array of health benefits while supporting relaxation and restful sleep. Full flavoured and delicious anytime of day. 

What we love even more about the folk from Westcountry is that in 2018 they became one of Britain’s first 100% plastic free tea companies, making them the perfect eco-friendly partner for Sand & Sparkle!

Each environmentally friendly tea bag is made from corn starch and fast growing eucalyptus tree cellulose, so there’s no nasty plastics in your cup or ending up in landfill. The sustainable packaging utilises vegetable inks - which is a renewable resource and doesn’t require harmful solvents or chemicals for cleaning the printing presses.

Find it in ...

You can find this tea in our Relax and Unwind Gift Box collection, which also includes carefully chosen lavender soaps, lavender candles, lavender hand creams, and a roll on lavender oil for sleep (yes, we’re big fans of lavender!)

We’re sure you’ll savour every sip from this traditional herbal brew - so put your feet up, relax and enjoy a daily time out with Westcountry Tea!